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The image below locates the 84 grid boxes where surface observations are made available for comparison to CERES SYN-1Degree surface data products. The tool below gives the months of available surface observation data for each site. CERES SYN-1Degree data is complete from Mar 2000 through current processing (~mid 2013).

File Availability for Site:


The CERES SYN-1Degree Edition-3 (SYN-1Deg) data product is a 4 dimensional gridded model product developed by the CERES science team to model the global atmospheric radiation budget at multiple time and space scales. The product has a spatial resolution of 1 Degree lat/lon, a minimum temporal resolution of 3 hours and is archived at the Top of Atmosphere (TOA), the surface, and 3 levels in the atmosphere. (The radiation transfer code is run at a higher vertical resolution.) Data subset from the SYN-1Deg and made available here for comparisons to surface observations are:

    SYN-1Deg Surface Irradiance Calculations Available for Matching* Surface Observations
  • Shortwave Irradiance Down
  • Shortwave Direct Normal Down
  • Shortwave Diffuse Down
  • Shortwave Irradiance Up
  • Longwave Irradiance Down
  • Longwave Irradiance Up
    Surface Meteorological Observations* with Matching SYN-1Deg Variables
  • Aerosol Optical Depth at 500nm
  • Cloud Fraction (%)
    Surface Meteorological Observations* without Matching SYN-1Deg Variables
  • None
    • (*Variables are listed for all surface sites to keep files uniform. Many surface sites do not include all of the above variables.)

CERES SYN-1Degree Notes on Processing

    Global Inputs
  • Meteorological data from Goddard Modeling & Assimilation Office (GMAO) GEOS4 & GEOS5 re-analyses.
  • Aerosol data from MODIS data products and MATCH Chemical Transport Model.
  • Ozone from SMOBA data product.
  • Surface Albedo derived from clear sky TOA observations and/or modeled across time and/or from a 'history' map updated monthly.
    Spatial Resolution
  • Original calculations done on approximate equal area spatial grid, 1 degree equal angle at the equator.
  • Product archived on global 1-degree equal angle grid.
    Temporal Resolution
  • Original calculations done hourly.
  • Solar zenith angle at time of calculation is the integrated value for that hour.
  • Data subsequently averaged in time to 3-hourly resolution, center time is at the '1.5' hour.
    Vertical Resolution
  • Original radiative transfer calculations using up to 54 vertical levels.
  • Data are achived at five levels: Surface, 500hPa, 200hPa, 70hPa, and Top of Atmosphere (~0.1hPa)
    Radiation Transfer Model
  • Uses the Langley Fu & Liou radiative transfer model.
  • Correlated k for gaseous absorption.
  • 18 SW bands between 0.2 & 4.0 microns, 12 LW bands between 2200cm-1 and 0cm-1