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Welcome. Data collected in the CAVE effort are meant for use in validation studies of Clouds & The Earths Radiant Energy System (CERES) instruments operating on the Suomi NPP and Earth Observing Systems(EOS)Terra & Aqua & Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission (TRMM) satellites.

Graphic showing Instrument Cartoon

Go to the Validation Plot tool to view, compare, and download CAVE surface observations and/or the CERES SYN1Deg data at the validation sites. The surface observation page describes the surface data and how it is averaged to match the CERES SYN data. The SYN page gives a short description of the CERES data used here and links to more information regarding this data product.

CAVE is an informal record containing radiation and meteorological data for a number of specific sites having
  (1) CERES top-of-atmosphere (TOA) broadband observations in low volume, easy to use, subsets
      collocated with,
  (2) surface broadband flux measurements from DOE(ARM), NOAA (SURFRAD, GMD, PMEL), and WCRP (BSRN) networks.