CLAMS Publications

Articles from Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, April 2005, CLAMS Special Section

  • Preface to JAS Apr 2005 CLAMS Special Section  [pdf]
    • T.P. Charlock and W.L. Smith Jr.
  • EOS Terra Aerosol and Radiative Flux Validation: An Overview of the Chesapeake Lighthouse and Aircraft Measurements for Satellites (CLAMS) Experiment.  [pdf]
    • Smith Jr., W.L., T.P. Charlock, R. Kahn, J.V. Martins, L.A. Remer, P.V. Hobbs, J. Redemann, and, C.K. Rutledge, 2005: EOS Terra Aerosol and Radiative Flux Validation: An Overview of the Chesapeake Lighthouse and Aircraft Measurements for Satellites (CLAMS) Experiment, J. Atmos. Sci., CLAMS Special Issue., Apr 2005.pp 903-918.
  • Aerosol Properties and Chemical Apportionment of Aerosol Optical Depth at Locations off the U.S. East Coast in July and August 2001. 
    • Brian I. Magi, Peter V. Hobbs, Thomas W. Kirchstetter, Tihomir Novakov, Dean A. Hegg, Song Gao, Jens Redemann and Beat Schmid, pages 919–933.
  • Chemical Characterization of Aerosols on the East Coast of the United States Using Aircraft and Ground-Based Stations during the CLAMS Experiment. 
    • Andréa D. de Almeida Castanho, J. Vanderlei Martins, Peter V. Hobbs, Paulo Artaxo, Lorraine Remer, Marcia Yamasoe and Peter R. Colarco, pages 934-946.
  • The MODIS Aerosol Algorithm, Products, and Validation. 
    • L. A. Remer, Y. J. Kaufman, D. Tanré, S. Mattoo, D. A. Chu, J. V. Martins, R.-R. Li, C. Ichoku, R. C. Levy, R. G. Kleidman, T. F. Eck, E. Vermote and B. N. Holben, pages 947-973.
  • Evaluation of the MODIS Aerosol Retrievals over Ocean and Land during CLAMS. 
    • R. C. Levy, L. A. Remer, J. V. Martins, Y. J. Kaufman, A. Plana-Fattori, J. Redemann and B. Wenny, pages 974-992.
  • Suborbital Measurements of Spectral Aerosol Optical Depth and Its Variability at Subsatellite Grid Scales in Support of CLAMS 2001. 
    • J. Redemann, B. Schmid, J. A. Eilers, R. Kahn, R. C. Levy, P. B. Russell, J. M. Livingston, P. V. Hobbs, W. L. Smith and B. N. Holben, pages 993-1007.
  • Two MODIS Aerosol Products over Ocean on the Terra and Aqua CERES SSF Datasets. 
    • Alexander Ignatov, Patrick Minnis, Norman Loeb, Bruce Wielicki, Walter Miller, Sunny Sun-Mack, Didier Tanré, Lorraine Remer, Istvan Laszlo and Erika Geier, pages 1008-1031.
  • MISR Calibration and Implications for Low-Light-Level Aerosol Retrieval over Dark Water. 
    • Ralph Kahn, Wen-Hao Li, John V. Martonchik, Carol J. Bruegge, David J. Diner, Barbara J. Gaitley, Wedad Abdou, Oleg Dubovik, Brent Holben, Alexander Smirnov, Zhonghai Jin and Dennis Clark, pages 1032-1052.
  • Radiative Transfer Modeling for the CLAMS Experiment.  [pdf]
    • Zhonghai Jin, Thomas P. Charlock, Ken Rutledge, Glenn Cota, Ralph Kahn, Jens Redemann, Taiping Zhang, David A. Rutan and Fred Rose, pages 1053-1071.
  • Airborne Spectral Measurements of Ocean Directional Reflectance. 
    • Charles K. Gatebe, Michael D. King, Alexei I. Lyapustin, G. Thomas Arnold and Jens Redemann, pages 1072-1092.
  • Retrieval of Aerosol Scattering and Absorption Properties from Photopolarimetric Observations over the Ocean during the CLAMS Experiment. 
    • Jacek Chowdhary, Brian Cairns, Michael I. Mishchenko, Peter V. Hobbs, Glenn F. Cota, Jens Redemann, Ken Rutledge, Brent N. Holben and Ed Russell, pages 1093-1117.
  • The NPOESS Airborne Sounding Testbed Interferometer—Remotely Sensed Surface and Atmospheric Conditions during CLAMS. 
    • W. L. Smith Sr., D. K. Zhou, A. M. Larar, S. A. Mango, H. B. Howell, R. O. Knuteson, H. E. Revercomb and W. L. Smith Jr., pages 1118-1134.